Unexpected Messages Of Love

Today (13 July 2017) I had the most beautiful experience.

Leilani, my sweet cat who is now in spirit, has been continuing to let her powerful presence be known and it has me (and now my neighbours!) in awe.

Today my neighbour asked if I could pop over to babysit quickly while she dashed to the local shops for something urgent. (I haven’t babysat for her before!)

I’m not that familiar with kids (more cats!), but was assured I just needed to sit and relax and only attend to the 3 kids (aged 5 and 2) if one of them started screaming- LOL!

I sat on the couch and a few minutes passed.  Then the kids approached me with a box.

The box had 3 cat puzzles, they wanted to do them with me.

As I helped them understand how a puzzle works, I was trying not to tear up at the puzzles they had chosen.

My neighbour Bec arrived home soon after and I showed her the puzzle, trying to stop it but I couldn’t, tears came to my eyes.

Bec was visibly taken aback at the significance… she hadn’t known they even still had that puzzle, and hadn’t seen it for over 6 months, having no idea where they had even got it from!

Expressing she was amazed that they hadn’t been playing with anything, but within minutes of me getting there they somehow found and brought this puzzle over… Bec had goosebumps!

Later that afternoon there was a knock on the door.  It was Bec and she had her daughter in her arms, who handed me a bag- with one of the puzzles as a gift- the grey cat.

More tears!

Even more beautiful, Bec shared she believed in the presence of people after their death, but had not thought about this with animals until today.

xx Carolyn

PS: Have your animals sent you messages to let you know they are with you and at peace?  Please chime in below in the comments- I would love to hear from you!



Photo 1: A pic Bec sent me of the puzzle box, as I’ve been documenting the messages from Leilani that continue happening in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Photo 2: Text from Bec.

Photo 3: Leilani in her younger days- tail up!  (2002/2003 in our first home together).  Leilani was forever walking over to us with her tail up, as soon as she saw us, so cute!

Photo 4: Leilani and I would often hold our foreheads together.  Such a beautiful memory to have.

Photo 5: The completed puzzle.

Photo 6: Chilling with my girl :)

If You Have An Elderly Animal, Or Have Ever Lost One Of Your Beloved Animal Friends, May You Find Comfort Within ‘LEILANI’S LEGACY’ – Found Under The RESOURCES Tab Of This Website.

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