Reiki Sessions


Ladies only.

1 session – Cost: $100
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Pay upfront for a series of 4 sessions and receive a discount
Cost: $360 (SAVE $40.00)
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Allow 1 hour (50 minutes Reiki plus before / after consultation)

A Reiki treatment can quickly place you into a deep state of relaxation, facilitating healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit. When the body is in a relaxed state, worries may start to lift away, stress may begin to lessen. You are likely to emerge from your treatment feeling lighter and refreshed.

Clients remain fully clothed for Reiki (except for shoes). Soft relaxing music will be playing. Hands are placed directly onto the body, usually starting at the head and working down the body to the feet. You can also request a ‘hands off’ treatment if preferred.

All enquiries are very welcome. You may also find answers to your questions about Reiki under the FAQ section of this website.