Hair & Fur Testing

Bio-Compatibility Hair Analysis (& Fur Analysis for Animals)

Resulting from over 30 years of research and development from qualified Australian Naturopaths and used in over 20 countries – this unique and valuable test is available for both people AND animals.

Healthy immune function is the foundation for health and wellness.  Behind this test lies the principle that ‘disease’ (suffering) in your body is aggravated by certain foods and/ or products interfering with your immune system and preventing it from working properly. 

How does it work?

Test results highlight which foods and products (common bathroom, laundry and kitchen items) and RIGHT for YOUR body and which are NOT.  

You will receive a 16 page comprehensive report.  The test itself is safe, painless and accurate.  It involves no needles or blood samples, just a piece of your hair.



Test WITHOUT consultation: $265

Test WITH wellness consultation (incurs an additional fee): $247

Animal test: $177 (smaller report)


Wellness Consultations are recommended in conjunction with this test:

  • To provide a thorough approach for your unique health and wellness needs

  • For additional support and guidance in successfully implementing the test results. 

For any inquiries, including brochure requests, please reach out via the Pause CONNECT page.


To your health and happiness, always,