RADIANT YOU Signature 14 Day ONLINE Cleanse Program

RADIANT YOU: The complete 14 day cleanse program to lift your ENERGY + MOOD + METABOLISM

Recent studies show that toxins held in our cells can + do contribute to health issues including fatigue, weight gain and skin problems.

This is why it is so important to focus on supporting our bodies ability to detoxify, through the most important choices we make every day: the food and drinks we put into our mouths.

Yes!  As a NUTRITIONIST I know it’s possible to DRASTICALLY impact your health + wellness with an effective, WELL DESIGNED whole food program.  This is also exactly why I created a 3 phase (more on these below) cleanse over 14 days.


What the 3 PHASE cleanse program IS about:
Loving the way you look and feel: radiance from the inside out
A whole new way to look at food
Delicious recipes that will nurture your body + excite your tastebuds
Boosting sleep, digestion and metabolism
Optimising cellular energy
Eliminating cravings + balancing blood sugar levels
Releasing toxins (and excess weight) naturally
Transforming your health habits so you can ditch diets forever
Reducing cellular inflammation

What the cleanse program is NOT about:
Juices or chalky smoothies
Starving your body or deprivation
Eating strange food combinations
Using fancy kitchen equipment

What will you receive?

  • Done for you shopping lists

  • Delicious menus designed by a whole foods chef

  • Cooking tips + tricks

  • Toxin reduction strategies

  • Daily protocol (for each of the 3 phases)

  • A comprehensive workbook 

  • 2 x informative webinars,


You’ll have my expert guidance throughout the program via email and a SECRET face book group (for cleanse participants only)


I’ll offer a BONUS complimentary guided group meditation


Once we’ve completed the cleanse, I’ll be showing you how to make the transition into a long term healthy diet that will maintain your results!  You’ll ALSO receive a post cleanse one-on-one strategy session!  (Itself Valued at $49!)


🍴 PHASE ONE DAYS 1-3: Cleanse prep.
Eliminating processed foods and stimulants – recipes provided. (You’ll receive information on this in the week before the cleanse, so you’ll be able to start this process earlier if you need to)

🍴 PHASE TWO, DAYS 4-10: Cleansing commences
I will be guiding you through a tailored cleanse program, with amazing recipes designed by a whole foods chef.

🍴 PHASE THREE DAYS 11-14: Re-introduction of other foods
This phase is so important! I’ll be guiding you on the best way to do this, recipes provided, so you can tune into your body and understand how certain foods make you feel (and what to do if they don’t agree with you) to ensure your ongoing success!

🌿There is SO much value in this program + I’m SUPER excited to share it with you!

🌿Want in? The cost for the complete 14 day + program is priced at just $149!  

🌿Date: TBA in October 2020

Email: carolyn@pausehq.com.au to register your interest today!

PS: For a head start on toxin elimination and more info on why it’s soo important, check out this great article from Dr Mark Hyman.