Leilani’s Memorial Plaque, Her Name Repeated

Written 12 August 2017, on the 7 week anniversary of Leilani’s passing

The beautiful weatherproof memorial plaque we ordered from Talking Stones arrived this week.

I felt Leilani with me as soon as I collected the box from the post office.  I could feel emotion rising up as I waited in line and was worried I would cry and be unable to ask for the parcel.

Yet the second I stepped forward, I felt a ‘whoosh’ and I knew Leilani was there, her sweetness helping me hold it together.  Her gentle excitement surprised me and I continued to feel it as I drove home; contrasted against my sadness.  To my grieving heart, while I knew it was beautiful, the plaque represented Leilani’s departure and more undeniable proof that this wasn’t all just some bad dream- no matter how much I wished it was.

At home, as I retrieved the plaque from its packaging, I felt Leilani’s pride.  This was so cute, to know that she loved the plaque we had chosen for her.  That she was proud others would see this plaque and know it was for her!

That first day, I was unable to place the plaque in the garden but a few days later with the help of our cat Roger (Leilani’s biological brother), the plaque found its new home in our garden, in front of Leilani’s rose.

Photo above, left to right: Roger helping; Leilani’s rose and plaque; The sun on Leilani’s first rose (previously harvested)

Her Name Repeated

There have been so many messages from Leilani since she departed, I would like to share another one here in honour of this 7 week anniversary:

Last Fri nt, Neil & I went to see Jerry Seinfeld at the Perth Arena & had a great dinner before hand. I could feel Leilani’s sweet energy with us the whole night.

The next morning, last Saturday, I was saying to Neil how beautiful it was that Leilani had been with us. That I knew she was so happy we had been out having fun and laughing.

Next moment, an advert came into the AM radio playing in the back ground, which started: “Hi this is Leilani…”

Neil & I looked at each other- not a common name to hear!!

A few hours later, I served some of Leilani’s fave food for her, as an offering. Roger saw this & his eyes said it all- where’s mine!?

I headed downstairs to grab him a bowl & just as I reached for it that same advert played again on the radio: “This is Leilani…”

The timing again was significant.

That night, Neil flew back to DOHA for his work and after I got home from the airport, I put on the TV.

I selected a random episode- one of many I had taped weeks ago- of a renovation/ real-estate show that I’m (slightly!) addicted to: Love It or List It Vancouver.

The show features couples or families looking to renovate their home and potentially move to a new one.

I couldn’t believe it when I starting watching- that this episode (s3 ep.7) featured a family who had a daughter named… you guessed it… Leilani!!

3 times in one day from 2 different sources!!!

I just can’t write that off as a coincidence- I feel for sure it is strong (& profound) evidence of Leilani making sure we know she is safe and that wherever she may be now; all is well.

Xx Carolyn

Photo below: Neil & I at Jerry Seinfeld, Perth, 4 August 2017


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