Carolyn Trethewey

Hi there!  

I’m Carolyn, Managing Director of PAUSE people. animals. wellness. 

If it has to do with radiance of body, mind and spirit, for either you or your animals; I am here to help.



(A.)      Are tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed and just KNOW there has to be a better way to navigate your perfectly imperfect life.  (You might even have received a formal health diagnosis, but want to be seen as a unique person and not just a label or a number on a test result).

(B.)      Acknowledge that your eating habits need improvement AND crave sustainable, practical ways to nourish your cells (& your taste buds!) without fad diets and restrictive eating regimes.

(C.)      Feel an inner calling (that keeps getting louder… and louder!) to make positive changes in your life but know you need support and ENCOURAGEMENT to navigate that journey.

(D.)      Admit you have put your health and wellness at the bottom of your list for WAY TOO LONG and want to reclaim your energy and the happier healthier version of you that you know exists (you may even have been catching glimpses of her in your minds eye).

(E.)      LOVE animals + recognise that their wellness needs are equally as important as yours.




  • Wellness Consultations (Natural Medicine) for people; empowering you to reach and maintain optimal states of health and well-being via holistic and collaborative measures.

  • Results Coaching to help you realise your future goals and get any result you want. (Alignment + Action = Results)

  • Reiki treatments for people at my home office in Maylands , Peninsula Estate (for relaxation and stress relief)

  • Mobile Animal Reiki sessions – where I attend your home to ensure your animals receive maximum benefit from their session.

  • Meditation and Animal Reiki classes– where I teach people how to share meditation with and deepen their connection with ALL animals (whether their own animals, native wild-life, wild animals: big or small the approach is the same).

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  • Fortnightly Cat Meditation Classes at Cat Cafe Purrth – More Info + Tickets >> HERE <<


For as long as I can remember, I had an inner calling to start my own business, but had NO IDEA what it would be or when it would eventuate.

I was determined to figure it out and stayed open to what my career path would be.  On the inside I knew this work would need to be meaningful in helping others and led by the guidance of my heart (as opposed to the sensible rationalizations of my head).

After initially completing studies in tourism and basic accounting, I found myself changing jobs every few years.  From Travel Agent, Bank Teller (and trainee Supervisor) to Government employee in a range of roles; I learnt an array of skills but INSIDE knew there was something MORE to discover! 

And so began my journey into holistic healthcare… including sharing meditation with animals – whom I now honour as our wise friends and teachers in life.  Very gratefully, this training has also helped me support loved ones with their unique health and well being needs in significant and priceless ways.  

“The journey of a thousand miles, begins with one step.” Lao Tzu.

Looking back, the FIRST puzzle piece arrived after I went for my first Reiki treatment back in 2000.  The peace and tranquility of Reiki spoke to me so much that I soon found myself completing Reiki I and II training. 

These courses were my first real introduction to spirituality and I was intrigued.  A knowing in my heart was created; that one day, when my schedule allowed, I would come back and dedicate more time to deepening my understanding and experience of Reiki.

The NEXT CLUE arrived a few years later (in my early 20’s), when I fell ill with glandular fever while working in a call centre.  Undiagnosed for 3 months (despite numerous trips to the GP who kept telling me I had the flu), I was beginning to feel concerned over how much longer my recovery might take.

I remember being in tears, pleading for blood tests at a subsequent GP visit.  Then soon after feeling super frustrated when the results came back, only to receive advice to rest.  Medically there was nothing more that could be done.

Searching for answers, I took myself to a Naturopath who prescribed some nutritional supplements, liquid herbs and a few dietary changes and within a few weeks I had made a full recovery.  It was such a relief!

I remember being so impressed that this young Naturopath had been able to help me.  Although I don’t know her name to personally thank her she was definitely my inspiration for commencing studies in Naturopathic medicine many years later. 

“If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small”.  Richard Branson.

ANOTHER PUZZLE PIECE arrived years later, and I have my mother and father in laws beautiful cat Xena to thank for it! 

Xena showed me how much Animals love Reiki and because of her I found my way to my Animal Reiki teacher and mentor Kathleen Prasad (in California!), and my next Reiki teacher (& dedicated Reiki researcher) Frans Stiene and their beautiful collective communities.

I soon traveled to the Eastern states of Australia in 2013 (Frans) and the United States in 2013, 2016 and 2019 (Kathleen & Frans) to complete studies with them, including Reiki and Animal Reiki teacher training.   

I feel extremely blessed to have found such inspirational teachers and also met many other lovely people along the way.

The FOURTH CLUE appeared as part of my visit to the most beautiful and aptly named animal hospice and education centre BrightHaven, in California, in 2013. (One of the special organisations Kathleen teaches Animal Reiki).

This visit to BrightHaven was transformational.   I was so deeply moved by the level of love, compassion, care and dedication shown to the animals at BrightHaven that firstly – I didn’t want to leave and secondly, after doing so… well… I cried for 2 weeks!

These were not tears of sadness, they were tears of gratitude; and there is a piece of BrightHaven that travels in my heart EVERYWHERE I go.

I left with a knowing that I would return again, making my second trip in February 2016.  I also set an inward intention: that all animals lovers must be made aware of the holistic options – including meditation – available for animals in their later years, as practiced by BrightHaven.

“If we look deeper, with our hearts, we can see our animals inner spirit: a perfect, bright and beautiful light.” Kathleen Prasad.

The quote from Kathleen above encapsulates the powerful message communicated wordlessly by the BrightHaven animals hearts to mine. I wrote more about my visit to BrightHaven (HERE).

I could NEVER have anticipated that in 2017 I would be interviewed for and feature in a book, Buddhism For Pet Lovers, Supporting Our Closest Companions Through Life And Death.  Wisdom and teachings from Kathleen Prasad (my Animal Reiki teacher ) and Gail Pope, co-founder of BrightHaven, are also shared.

Written by Perth based David Michie (internationally best-selling author of the Dalai Lamas cat series), this amazingly beautiful book  is recommended reading for animal lovers everywhere.

–>> The universe really does rewards the action we take towards realising our most heartfelt intentions!

The FIFTH AND FINAL CLUE arrived when I attended ‘The Turning Point’ an event run by Authentic Education.

Troubled that 50% of people that visit a Naturopath/ Natural Medicine practitioner never make it past the first consultation (an unsatisfying statistic for practitioners and clients)… I was searching for an effective way to address fears/ blocks and emotional barriers to wellness.

Immediately identifying Results Coaching as a powerful tool of empowerment (including helping to connect people to their innate intuition and subconscious) I signed up for the course that day, completing certification in 2017.

PAUSE – People Animals Wellness (THE CONCEPT)

I believe that our well-being and that of our precious animals is intertwined and… if you think about it… how can it not be?  The human-animal relationship is unique and profound and the amazing bond we have with our animals transcends species.

As an animal lover I know my home would feel incomplete without my cat, a ginger ninja named Rusty.  Or my beautiful previous cats, Sophie Jane, Roger & Leilani and I’m sure you feel the same about your own precious animals.

Sometimes it can even be difficult to find the words to express just how deeply we love our animals, how much they mean to us and just how much comfort their presence brings to our lives.

We have domesticated these beautiful creatures and we are their world, we are their family, they love us so very much.  So it makes sense, right, that the levels of peace and / or stress in our own lives can (through no fault of our own) subtly impact their wellbeing and their sensitive, sweet hearts.

Our animals gently encourage us to be more kind to ourselves, to live in the moment with them instead of in our heads, and to trust and follow our hearts just like they do.

Yet our lives are busy, with steadily increasing demands and pressures and it is not uncommon to find that we have little time to nurture our self and our needs as opposed to the never ending needs of others.  Or even – to feel selfish if we do prioritise our own needs.

So: How do we honour our hearts (our true self) when we have bills to pay and we live in the world that we do?  It all comes back to our state of mind.

This is why I am a passionate advocate of meditation and Reiki/ Animal Reiki as an integral part of a holistic wellness treatment protocol. (Reiki traditionally being a system of meditation and contemplation, originating in Japan).

Not just for the multitude of proven, and researched, health benefits it provides but additionally, the infinite possibilities for healing (becoming whole) that exist when we learn how to share the peacefulness of meditation with the animals we share our lives with.

The beautiful thing is, that our animals want us to be well and healthy and even more than that, they want us to be peaceful, not just in our minds, but in our hearts. 

To be peaceful like this is a profound experience not just for us, and not just for our own animals, but for everyone in our life – for every person and every animal we come into contact with, and beyond.  Just like a ripple in a pond.

Through extensive training I have shared meditation with cats, dogs, horses, chickens, ducks; native wildlife; exotic animals including tigers, a bear, a hawk, an alligator, a fox, racoons and a bobcat; farmyard animals including cows, goats and donkeys; and one of my personal favourites- a gentle and adorable (but huge!) tortoise named Goliath who I met and instantly connected with at The CARE Foundation in Florida. (2016/ 2019).

To see all of these animals, no matter their history, respond positively to the gentle power of meditation is beyond breathtaking.  When we relax, the animals relax.  The compassionate wisdom of the animals we share this world with is truly, astoundingly beautiful.

I look forward to meeting and working with you and your animals.  Thank you for visiting!

To your health and happiness ALWAYS,

Carolyn Trethewey


Australian Natural Therapists Association (ANTA)

Shubumi International Reiki Association – practitioner member

*Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) – practitioner member


  1. Advanced Diploma in Western Herbal Medicine, 2016 (Australian Institute for Holistic Medicine)

  2. Advanced Diploma in Nutritional Medicine, 2016 (Australian Institute for Holistic Medicine)

  3. Results Coaching Certification, 2017. (Authentic Education)

  4. Shinpiden Level 3 (Master/ teacher training), Usui Reiki Ryoho, 2013. (International House of Reiki, NSW)

  5. Shinpiden and Animal Reiki Teacher training, 2016.  (Animal Reiki Source, USA)

  6. Okuden and Animal Reiki Training: Advanced Techniques, 2013. (Animal Reiki Source, USA)

  7. The Animal Reiki Workshop: Core Curriculum, 2014. (Animal Reiki Source)

  8. Shoden, First Degree Practitioner,Usui Reiki Ryoho, 2000 (re-sit 2011). (International Institute For Reiki Training, WA).

  9. Okuden, Second Degree Practitioner, Usui Reiki Ryoho, 2001 (resit 2011).  (International Institute For Reiki Training, WA).

I am passionate about contributing to the community through my work, including donations to various Australian animal shelter, sanctuary and rescue organisations.

Since March 2014 I have volunteered Reiki meditation weekly at Cat Haven (a cat shelter in Shenton Park, Western Australia) offering a space of peace and relaxation to hundreds of cats in need. 

Cat Haven says “(Carolyn’s) calm nature has helped hundreds of cats settle into their condo’s, letting their true nature show through which in turn helps them to be adopted.”

Cat Haven is an amazing organisation doing so much for cats in Western Australia. (If you are interested in learning more about the many ways the simple power of meditation benefits shelter animals, please read this article I wrote in 2015).

* The Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) is an American non-profit organisation created by my Animal Reiki teacher and mentor, Kathleen Prasad.  SARA is dedicated to getting Reiki meditation into animal shelters all over the world, and promoting the highest standards in Animal Reiki Practitioner and Teacher excellence.  There are currently members in the United States, South America, Canada, the United Kingdom, India, Australia and Europe.