Results Coaching Program & Packages

Coaching can get you any result you want and is targeted at your future.  (Alignment + action = results).

Coaching recognises that you are not limited by your past; it is often only your mind that is getting in the way.  Learning to listen to, honour and act upon your own innate wisdom, your intuitive voice, is part of the coaching process.

This valuable 13-week program will allow you to gain clarity and focus in on the amazing results that ARE possible for you and your life. 

It provides you with 3 months of unparalleled support:

  • I will energetically be holding space for you and your transformation, as well as guiding and empowering you, as you take inspired forward action in creating the life you have always dreamed of. 

  • If you’re not yet clear on what you want, know it DEFINITELY needs to be different from your current way of life but don’t know how to get there, then results coaching is also for you!

“The inability to open up to hope, is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams.” ELIZABETH GILBERT


Combined intent (yours and mine) makes the supportive coaching process a powerful tool for:

  • REACHING your goals much more quickly than you would have believed possible or than you could have achieved alone

  • CONNECTING to your hearts desires (hint: they are unique to you)

  • EMBRACING a natural sense of ease as you move through your day

  • LEARNING to fully breathe again as you clear away old patterns that are not serving you and create a new space for happiness and peace

  • STRENGTHENING self-belief and trust in who you really are, as you take guided action and realise your full potential.

Coaching sessions are conducted by Skype or phone.  The initial coaching session can be in person if you choose. (Maylands, Western Australia).




4 month coaching program – 13 sessions: (valued at $15,000 PLUS)

I only take on a limited number of select clients each year for this intensive 1 on 1 program.  I hold an energetic space for your healing and future unfolding for the entire 4 month duration. We may not be suited to work with each other and that is ok, however if we are you can expect trans-formative growth in return for your commitment to honouring your heart and your unique light and way in this world. *Vacancy from October 2020*

Payment option 1: $11,000 – 2 payments ($6000 upfront + $5000 after 6 sessions.)

Payment option 2: $9,999 upfront (save $1001)

Individual coaching session: $1100

This option is only available by arrangement and/ or for specific circumstances, please inquire to discover more. 120 minutes.  Up front payment required.


Individual coaching sessions x 4: $3960

If you are seeking guidance to tune into the gentle nurturing wisdom of your heart, then this series of 4  is for you. These sessions can be taken over a period of 6 months and once made a booking for an individual session is unable to be cancelled.  Payment must be made up front.  For your first session please allow 150 minutes, then 90 – 120 minutes for each subsequent sessions.  There will also be pre-session prep info emailed to you, for reply prior to your first session.



Package 1: $TBA

  • Biocompatibility Hair Analysis: identify foods uniquely compatible to your body. Optimise your immune function and health.  (Value: $247)

  • Mini wellness consultation x 1: To ensure you achieve ideal results from your hair test and to support you with its implementation. (Value: $90)

  • Full coaching program. (Value: $15,000 PLUS).


Package 2: $TBA

  • 1 x initial wellness consultation, combining herbal and nutritional medicine. (Value: $150)

  • 3 x follow up wellness consultations. (Value $240)

  • Biocompatibility Hair Analysis: identify foods uniquely compatible to your body. Optimise your immune function and health.  (Value: $247)

  • 1 x Reiki session, or Animal Reiki session if preferred. (Value $100)

  • 1 x flower essence consult and remedy or additional Reiki/ Animal Reiki session (Value $100)

  • Full coaching program. (Value: $15,000 PLUS).


It would be a privilege to support you on your path to wellness.


“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.” JEAN SHINODA BOLEN



The past 5+ years I have been on an intense healing journey after being diagnosed with 2 separate health conditions in early 2013 (Premature Ovarian Failure and Auto-immune Hypothyroidism/ Hashimoto’s).  With symptoms and indications of four more (coeliac disease, adrenal fatigue, anxiety and insomnia) I refused to accept low energy levels, sleep deprivation and brain fog as a way of life, so was highly motivated to uncover the answers that would turn my health and wellness around. 

I had to dig deep, draw on my inner reserves, and step out of my comfort zone on numerous occasions (in fact this doesn’t end!) BUT I have never felt better, or stronger!  And now, I want the same for YOU!

After investing tens of thousands of dollars in my pursuit of balance and truth, I have:

  • Completed 2 Advanced Diplomas here in Perth (Western Herbal Medicine- Herbalist; and Nutritional Medicine – Nutritionist)

  • Traveled numerous times to the eastern states and three times to the United States to complete both Reiki and Animal Reiki teacher training

  • Gained Life Coaching certification (currently completing international accreditation so I can practice overseas)

  • Consulted with an array of practitioners from Naturopaths, Doctors, Medical Specialists, Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Bowen therapists, Energy workers/healers and Yoga teachers

  • Attended a wide range of in person and online wellness seminars, training’s and events

  • Learnt (somewhat reluctantly at first) to honour health and wellness as my number ONE priority.

  • And of course to follow – and cherish – my heart and my intuition/ inner voice.

I PERSONALLY understand how frustrating a health diagnosis can be and how tough it can be to get answers and non-judgemental/ compassionate, holistic support. 

Friends and family (unless they have tackled health issues head on themselves) often fail to understand the effect and challenges that dis-ease can have across all aspects of life.

You are whole and complete.  Radiance of health and spirit CAN be yours; the first step is believing it to be true.  

The time is now and with my expert guidance and support you will be empowered to achieve YOUR destiny.  

Your feelings of dissatisfaction CAN be shifted – in your heart you know you are deserving of this change (don’t let your head talk you out of it!)

Remember the universe ALWAYS rewards action, sometimes in mysterious, perfectly imperfect ways, if only we can remain open and trust.  

Get started today: Find out how I can help by booking your 15 minute COMPLIMENTARY discovery session: here

To your health and happiness, always xx Carolyn