Sissi (Kitty)

“Carolyn worked wonders on my wounded cat.  To be honest at first I was a bit sceptical as I had never heard of animal Reiki and didn’t really know what exactly Reiki in general is.  After seeing the response of my cat to Carolyn and her treatment I was amazed to say the least and I am totally converted and even got into Reiki myself.

My cat would normally run away from total strangers or if the stranger to her would be a friend of mine she would just come for a quick sniff and then run off but as soon as she saw Carolyn she got curious and did not run away and, to my utmost surprise jumped right into her lap as Carolyn began Reiki.

Instinctively my cat then rubbed her wounded ear on Carolyn’s hand… the wound healed in no time… Carolyn not only was a natural with my cat and helped her to heal but opened up my mind to the benefits of Reiki.  I am very grateful for the experience.”

Marlies, Fremantle.