Wellness Consultations:

As a Nutritionist (Advanced Dip. Nutritional Medicine) and Western Herbalist (Advanced Dip. Western Herbal Medicine) Carolyn combines these holistic modalities to create a treatment plan designed to address your specific health + wellness needs.

Your tailored program will suit the beautiful individual human being that you are, whilst empowering you to generate optimal states of health and well-being as you navigate YOUR unique path – in this crazy hectic world. 

With an approach that is both supportive and collaborative, the focus is twofold:  meeting you WHERE-EVER you are at AND a steadfast belief in your innate ability to take FORWARD action in creating (& maintaining!) positive change that will flow out to serve ALL aspects of your life. 

Are you WILLING to create space to nurture your body and your spirit? 

Please know that you ARE worthy and it is those micro-decisions you make EVERY day that will later pay dividends in your life, if ONLY you would take that first step.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago.  The second best time is now.”  CHINESE PROVERB.


Consultations address considerations including:

  • Diet + lifestyle

  • Food Bio-Availability unique to your current state of health via hair testing (additional cost: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for an effective treatment plan)

  • Stress + energy levels

  • Sleep: quality + quantity

  • Digestive health (including food intolerance’s, allergies, detoxification / elimination)

  • Immunity and auto-immunity

  • Hormonal balance / imbalance

  • The emotional factors that can contribute to a state of dis-ease (these should NEVER be overlooked as our minds are very powerful).


  • Natural Medicine Packages – DEETS HERE (Offered to provide ongoing support, encouragement & education at affordable prices)

  • Combined Natural Medicine AND Results Coaching “Intuition In Wellness Success” – DEETS HERE (For those who wish to dive deep into making their heartfelt dreams a reality)


“Nothing is impossible. The word itself says ‘I’m possible.’ AUDREY HEPBURN


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