Wellness Consultations

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  Hippocrates

PRICING & FAQ’s (scroll down) **** UNAVAILABLE IN 2020 ****

INITIAL CONSULTATIONS (allow 75-90 minutes): $150

FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS (allow 30 – 45 minutes): $100

HAIR ANALYSIS – FOOD BIO-COMPATIBILITY (cost when combined with a consultation): $247.  Required for all clients for optimal and personalised results.  (Specialised Aldi/ Coles/ Woolworths list is an additional $30)

PACKAGE ONE (see details below): $TBA paid up front

PACKAGE TWO (see details below): $TBA paid up front



Completing prac. during complementary medicine studies (and now as a qualified Nutritionist and Herbalist), I quickly realised the BIGGEST CHALLENGES facing people when it comes to effectively addressing their health concerns is threefold:

1.     The expense of ongoing care and support (both initially and long term) when engaging the services of a qualified holistic practitioner;

2.     Busy lives full of existing routines and habits that often leave little time and space for creating lasting change; and

3.     A lack of prioritisation when it comes to true self-care (as in: self-care sits at the bottom of the to-do list, instead of at the top where it belongs)

With this in mind, I created 2 different packages to help inspire you to make space in your life, going forward from today, for a dedicated approach to optimising your health and well-being.

If you are ready to commit to making changes in your diet and lifestyle then I am here to support and guide you on that journey.

You are important, your health matters and the more radiantly healthy (physically, mentally and spiritually) you become, the more effectively you will be able to approach all other aspects of your life.

“Healing may not be so much about getting better, as about letting go of everything that isn’t you – all of the expectations, all of the beliefs – and becoming who you are.” – Rachel Naomi Remen

To begin, you must simply take the first step.

Addressing relaxation: The packages include discount vouchers for Reiki (or if you wish Animal Reiki where you sit in on the session with your animal, in the comfort of your home) have been included due to Reiki’s ability to evoke deep relaxation, in-turn activating the bodies innate self repair mechanisms.

By inviting relaxation into your life, you will be more readily able: to let go of unnecessary stress and chaos; and to honour health and wellness as your highest priority.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

Carolyn x



1 X Initial consultation
1 X Follow up consultation (VALID FOR 4 MONTHS)
$10 credit towards ‘practitioner only’ nutritional and/ or herbal supplements purchased (based on product RRP)
1 X $20 off discount voucher for Reiki or Animal Reiki (VALID FOR 4 MONTHS)

TOTAL VALUE: $TBA (save $)



1 X Initial consultation
3 X Follow up consultations (VALID FOR 8 MONTHS)
$30 credit towards ‘practitioner only’ nutritional and/ or herbal supplements (based on RRP)
1 X Reiki or Animal Reiki session (VALID FOR 8 MONTHS)

TOTAL VALUE: $TBA (save $)

Wellness Consultation FAQ’s


Q1 : What does a consult look like?

If you’ve never been to a Naturopath/ Nutritionist/ Herbalist (Natural medicine practitioner) before- it’s hard to know what to expect.

We’ve all been to the doctor though right, and we know that those visits are quick and not personalised – there is no time for that!

For example, each person with a bacterial based cold/ flu receives the same treatment: antibiotics. The doctor does not have time to look deeper into why you got sick in the first place.

You might also be wondering how a wellness consultation can help you exactly, especially if you:
Know you’re not feeling your best but are not clear on what’s wrong (it’s often amazing to me, what us humans have learned – over time and due to our busy lives – to put up with); OR
Have received a diagnosis/ had lots of tests (with our without findings)/ are on medication already/ have seen other practitioners and they have been unable to help (I’ve been there and know how frustrating and disheartening this can be).

The answer depends on you as an INDIVIDUAL, as how I can help will be TAILORED to you.

During a 90 minute conversation (initial consultation), my aim is to gather a unique picture of YOU. To identify areas where I can empower you and, going forward, how I can best support and encourage you to reclaim your health and wellness for good.

While you might already have some idea of the health challenge/s you are facing, what we will do during the initial consultation is take a deep dive into areas including:
 Family history
 Menstrual cycle
 Energy levels
 Bowel habits (don’t worry- I’m used to talking about poo!)
 Emotional health (including identifying barriers to change/ overcoming them)
 Any prior investigations or treatment modalities previously tried (and results of these)

After the consult you will receive a personalised summary of the key areas/ challenges identified + dietary and lifestyle suggestions, tailored to whatever is going on for you.

Additionally there are a heap of tools and resources we can tap into including herbal and/ or nutritional supplementation, or referral for blood or other tests where appropriate, to ensure your treatment plan is optimised for the best results.

Budget is always taken into account, however I will say that there is nothing more important than your health: it has the potential to affect EVERYTHING!


Q2: What are your expectations of me in this process?

Great question!  Your role in this process includes:
 To make a 110% commitment to yourself, your health + wellness
 To know that you are a deserving human being
 To be honest in the information you provide, so I can help you most effectively
 To make space in your life for changes to come in and to apply what you learn
 To take responsibility for yourself in ways you may not have previously done before
 To recognise that anxiety and excitement are opposite sides of the same coin (they both give that same feeling in the pit of our stomach)
 To understand that fear around change is natural + is simply our brains way of ‘protecting’ us – fear will rise whether the ‘unknown’ is a dark alley or a way of eating we are presently unfamiliar with. (You just need to be able to discern whether the fear is justified: dark alley/ or not: it’s just a new way of eating, PLUS be willing + able to take consistent action from that place)
 To imagine what radiant health would look like and BE like for you (since true wellness is not just eating well or exercising it’s about SYNERGY + PEACE across your ENTIRE life!)
 To be open to new perspectives so you can release the past and embrace your future
 To recognise that healing = to become whole. (Physical, mental/ emotional and spiritual healing are all possibilities if only we can stay open, be courageous in trusting our journey and, take the first step)


Q3: I’m interested in finding out how you could help but not sure if I’m ready to book a consult.  What do you suggest?

 I offer a complimentary 20 minute discovery call (free one on one chat) for new potential clients –>>
 To book, email me (Carolyn@pausehq.com.au) with your availability (please include option of days + whether you’re available in the morning or afternoons) so we can confirm a suitable time to discuss what’s on your precious mind!