Reiki FAQ’s


What can I expect from a Reiki treatment?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that quickly induces a deep state of relaxation, facilitating healing. However its effects can be much more far-reaching and may also enable healing on physical, mental and spiritual levels. (For further information about Reiki, click here)

A Reiki treatment is performed whilst you are lying fully clothed on a massage table, with a pillow to support your head, ensuring your comfort. Hands are placed on various part of the body, generally starting with the head and working down to your feet. Treatments will be conducted while soft relaxing music is playing.

Reiki can leaves you feeling centred, calm and at peace in the present moment. You feel lighter, stressors and/ or any sense of overwhelm has faded away. You have mental clarity; and feel prepared to take on new challenges, finish old ones or just relax. Wonderful!

Is Reiki useful for any kind of illness?

Yes. This is largely because Reiki activates the relaxation response and in-turn the bodies’ in built self-repair mechanisms. Reiki’s ability to provide stress relief means it can benefit all states of dis-ease.

Reiki is also wonderful way to provide your body some relief from the stresses of everyday life. Reiki can be particularly useful to provide support during times of change. For example:
– Moving house (or building a house),
– Changing jobs (or demanding careers),
– Planning a wedding,
– Relationship breakdown,
– Caring for others (children/ partners/ parents/ pets)
– Illness diagnosis (yourself or others) .

(In recent years many hospital cancer wards are promoting Reiki as a safe and complementary therapy, both in Australia and abroad).

Animal Reiki

I have more than one pet; do I need to pay for each animal?

In general, given your animals (up to 3) can share in the session together – in the same area of your home – there will be no extra charge. Should you wish to extend the time in this circumstance however, the second session will be provided at a reduced rate. Please connect for details.

What does an Animal Reiki treatment look like?

I offer a mobile Reiki service and so attend your home, ensuring that your pet is in its own, comfortable environment.

A Reiki session is conducted in silence, although soft music may be playing. You are welcome to stay in the room and observe.

Your pet should be free to move around and from the room. It is very important that your pet understands that the Reiki treatment is not being forced on them and that they have the opportunity to choose to participate on the session, for as long as they wish.

It is important to note here that Animal Reiki is always started from a distance. Animals are such sensitive creatures and are able to ‘tune in’ to the Reiki space from across the room, or even from another room altogether.

Many animals’ find ‘hands on’ Reiki much too strong and overwhelming however others may feel comfortable with this type of approach. Some animals will move close and may even direct the treatment by placing different parts of their body into my hands. However I always leave this decision up to your pet.

How do I know if my animal is receptive to Reiki?

It may take a short period for your pet to get used to the experience, however most animals quickly realise the benefits and settle into the treatment.

Positive signs that the animal is responding to the treatment include: yawning; stretching; becoming still/ quiet; sleeping; renewed interest in food/ water; and sometimes- a bowel movement!

How long does an Animal Reiki treatment take?

Each Reiki session is for 50 minutes (not including my travel time to/ from your home). This ensures around 40 minutes treatment time, plus opportunity for discussion before and/ or after the treatment.

Please allow around 60 minutes for the initial consultations. This provides some additional time for me to get to know your animal, learn a bit about their personality, and understand any health concerns.

When would a Reiki treatment benefit my pet?

As an animal lover, you’ll acknowledge that your pet has a very unique, individual and loveable personality! Just like us humans, our animal friends can express emotions: we know when they’re happy and content with life. Likewise they have (sometimes subtle) ways of letting us know when they might not be feeling quite right.

We may notice that their energy levels are low, as they don’t want to go outside or are lagging a little when you take them for a walk. They might not eat or drink as much as usual. You might sense they are experiencing discomfort of some sort (even just by looking into their eyes). You may have adopted them from a shelter and suspect that they experienced some trauma or difficulties before coming to your loving home. Or you may have received confirmation of a health issue from your veterinary professional.

Reiki is particularly useful for animals whom are stressed, recovering from or currently suffering illness, preparing for surgery, after surgery, experiencing pain, before/ after any other upcoming stressful situations (i.e. travel, moving house, a new animal entering the family), have had a difficult past (i.e. may have come from an animal shelter).

Thankfully this is where Reiki comes in. It can help your beloved pet to reach a state of peace, of quiet and relaxation from within. This then activates their relaxation response and innate self-healing mechanisms (just as it does during a human Reiki treatment).

Is Reiki beneficial for pets that have come from an animal shelter?

Absolutely. Many shelter animals have had a difficult past; they may have been dumped after being a loyal pet for many years, or been mistreated in some way before they found their way to your loving home.

Animals are sensitive creatures and are affected by their life experiences and environment just as we are.

For these animals as well as providing stress relief, Reiki can allow the animals to recalibrate in a way:
– Helping them to understand that they are now in a safe place, and adjust to their new surroundings; and
– Reassuring them that they can relax and allow their true personality to shine through.

What other circumstances can Reiki benefit animals?

Reiki can also be used to provide comfort and support at the time of transition, i.e. leading up to and during euthanasia/ a natural passing. Reiki in this circumstance brings love, acceptance and peace to all involved and may aid a gentle passing for your animal. Reiki can also be greatly beneficial in instances where your veterinary provider has advised that there is ‘nothing else they can do’.

Some veterinary clinics in the United States; United Kingdom; and Australia utilise and promote Reiki as part of a holistic treatment regime. (Reiki is also promoted in many hospital cancer wards, both in Australia and abroad).


Do you have a referral program?

Yes we do! For each client you refer to us, we will grant you a discount of 10% off your next Reiki treatment or your Animals next Reiki session (not to be used in combination with any other offer). Please be sure to ask your friends to mention your name when they make a booking.

Does Reiki interfere with medication?

Great question.

A Reiki session is gentle and non-invasive, complementing veterinary and allopathic medicine beautifully and is completely 100% safe. No matter what the medication or treatment you and/ or your pet is undergoing.

While Reiki offers a gentle way to provide support to you and/ or your animal where health challenges exist, it is never a substitute for medical or veterinary care.

How often should Reiki be scheduled?

This is entirely up to you, your budget and what feels right for you.

As a guide:
– For stress relief and general well being, consider weekly or fortnightly treatments, at least initially. You may then wish to progress to monthly sessions (scheduling extra sessions where needed).
– For states of dis-ease, 3 or 4 treatments on consecutive days or every other day, followed by graduated weekly, then fortnightly treatments, may be indicated.
– For animals nearing transition, more regular treatments may be indicated.

Please connect to discuss your unique circumstances so we can organise a treatment plan that works for you and/ or your pets.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

To optimise our service experience, we have implemented a cancellation policy.

We will always pre-confirm appointments 48 hours prior, via text message. We greatly appreciate you advising of any cancellations as soon as possible, allowing another client to take your place.

If notice of cancellation is not provided at least 24 hours prior to your appointment, a charge of 20% of the session value may be applied to your account. Thank you for your thoughtfulness.