Pause Philosophy

1. Healing is possible.

Life takes it’s toll. Damage occurs. We experience varying degrees of pain and suffering. Yet we are exceptionally powerful. We are durable. We can be freed from past conditionings and experiences, and move forward with passion and purpose.

2. A balanced state is a healthy state.

Extremes are not sustainable. Being either ‘too high’ or ‘too low’ is a recipe for dis-ease. Relaxing the mind and body creates a balanced and harmonious environment, activating the innate healing capabilities of the human body, which promotes faster recovery.

3. Perspective has a direct influence on well-being.

How we view the world and our place in it has a direct bearing on our state of health. We get embroiled in the details of our lives and lose perspective of the bigger picture. Finding perspective is a key ingredient in the healing process.

4. Letting go brings positive change.

Unshackling old thought patterns and behaviours and simply ‘letting go’ of steadfastly-held beliefs opens new doors to change, to greater joy.

5. When energy flows positively, equilibrium is achieved.

Our bodies, our internal organs and our subtle energy systems all bear the hallmarks of our life experiences, causing blockages in the flow of energy. It is important to release these, so that the energy flows freely and we achieve a state of equilibrium enabling both physical and mental well-being.

6. Love is the most powerful healing agent.

Just as a radiant smile from a stranger can bring light to our day, the love and attention projected in treatment and the ongoing nurturing that follows, truly helps substantiate and sustain a healing response. We must also give ourselves permission to receive self-care, receive love, knowing we deserve every opportunity to optimise our health and well-being.