Meeting Kathleen Prasad

After researching ‘Animal Reiki’ I was amazed and excited to discover the American Animal Reiki specialist Kathleen Prasad. I loved learning that Kathleen dedicates her work in the field of Animal Reiki to her dog Dakota (now in spirit). Dakota showed Kathleen that animals can sense and draw on Reiki energy and from that, transformed her life from schoolteacher to full-time Animal Reiki teacher and educator.

In 2013 I realised my dream of travelling to California to study in person with Kathleen. Kathleen’s gentle, heart based teachings and the experience of completing the training at a pioneering animal hospice named BrightHaven left me with no doubt of my future (and lifes purpose) as an Animal Reiki Practitioner and passionate advocate for the importance of holistic and integrative healthcare approaches for both animals and people.

(Our first meeting at BrightHaven! Kathleen holding lucky BrightHaven resident Sam the cat – August 2013)

I continued study with Kathleen online and via correspondance, resonating strongly with principles and vision of the non profit she co-founded with her business partner Leah D’Ambrosio, the Shelter Animal Reiki Association.  As a result I was inspired to start volunteering at Cat Haven in March 2014, sharing the gentle power of meditation with hundreds of shelter cats in need.

In February 2016 I again travelled to the U.S. to complete additional Animal Reiki teacher training with Kathleen at the Care Foundation in Florida.  I returned excited to bring these learnings to the people and animals of Perth, in conjunction with building valued relationships with Animal Rescue organisations where the training courses will be held.

There is a threefold benefit to this approach:

  • Students gain practical experience with amazing rescue animals and can then take their knowledge and understanding home to practice with their own beloved animals
  • The shelter and rescue animals are exposed to a group of beautiful people who love animals and are there to embrace their peaceful nature.  This is very profound and healing for the animals as well as those who attend the class.
  • Part processeds from classes (25%) are donated to the rescue organisations to support their operation.  Discounts for classes are also offered to shelter staff and volunteers in recognition of the unbelievable hard work and often selfless dedication in helping animals in need.

I count Kathleen as a true friend and words cannot express how grateful I am to have her in my life and to have found her as an inspirational teacher and human being.

Additional Photo from 2016 recent trip to be added SOON!!!